An immersive adventure travel show around New Zealand exploring nature, mythology and ancient wisdom.

Visually stunning and immersive, BACK TO NATURE features two hosts, one Maori and one an intrepid traveller, exploring natural locations by land and water, leading viewers through the wonder and awe of the landscape: exploring mythology, geology, unknown history, new and forgotten knowledge. They meet guests along the way. 

As we become increasingly absorbed in our urban and digital lives, BACK TO NATURE will inspire the audience to re-engage with their local landscape, increasing their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. The series honours Maori relationship with the land, and their mythology and understanding of human interconnectedness with the natural world. Whether viewing the landscape through the prism of spiritual mystery or natural science, or both, BACK TO NATURE encourages viewers to worship in the awe-inspiring temple of nature. 

BACK TO NATURE will also have wide outreach through accompanying ancillary avenues: radio, podcasts, a high-end website, educational viewing, and school study kits, with other avenues still being explored. Likely international sales will extend the viewership of the program. The format is based on the highly Finnish series Metsien Kätkemä (‘Hidden by the Forest’), which has just finished filming its second series. 

BACK TO NATURE has been created to appeal to a culturally diverse and social media savvy generation across all socio-economic groups and regions. It appeals to every age demographic, from children to young adults, to singles and couples, to families and retirees, with the aim of reawakening the viewers’ connection with nature.