Feature Documentary

An inspiring look at the brilliant, outrageous women who spearheaded the women's movement in NZ during the 1970s, and some of our contemporary feminists who explore how far we have come in achieving women’s rights.

A theatrical and television documentary that rediscovers the rich history of the bold women, who ignited the Women’s Liberation Movement in New Zealand from the late 60s to early 80s, and introduces us to the young NZ feminists, who are leading a new charge for greater equality, inclusivity and diversity. Bringing together archival footage, photographs, original music and headlines with personal in-depth interviews and contemporary cross- generational conversations, STROPPY SHEILAS pays homage to the achievements of this daring and diverse group of activists, and re-examines this first feminist wave in light of the contemporary #Me Too movement.

As we recently celebrated 125 years of Suffrage (the first wave of feminism), it is timely to tell the personal stories of the brave women who spearheaded enormous social change in NZ in the 60s/70s (the second wave of feminism). These original “stroppy sheilas” often suffered great hardship and were ridiculed in the media, faced scorn and resistance at home and were sometimes arrested in their fight to make great social change.

The film will provide historical context for the current political call for greater gender equality and diversity. It will inspire its audiences to realise that the personal really is political, that individual actions can create lasting change. We shall discover just how far NZ women’s rights have come in 50 years and realise that NZ’s early feminist movement with its emphasis on inclusiveness and sexual & cultural diversity - is as relevant