Feature Film (Drama)

One woman’s search for enlightenment becomes a nightmare when she is charged with murder and loses everything she holds dear after becoming drawn into the inner circle of charismatic Indian guru, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.

The true story of an ordinary Australian mother and housewife, Jane Stork, who makes an extraordinary choice as she searches for the right way to live in a changing world. Newly married with two small children, Jane believes there’s a higher purpose to life, and together with her kiwi husband Roger, becomes a devotee of Rajneesh, who at the peak of his power in 1991 had millions of followers worldwide and owned hundreds of Rolls Royce’s. 

After starting a spiritual community in Wellington, they heed the call to join the Guru in Pune, India, and Jane is chosen to join a special few in the guru’s inner circle. She becomes blinded by her loyalty to her guru and his right-hand woman Sheela, and completely devotes herself to the cult’s utopian vision, abandoning her children to the community’s care. As Rajneesh becomes increasingly paranoid and manipulative of those around him, Jane’s life becomes a nightmare and she loses everything she holds dear, including her marriage, freedom and family, when she is charged with attempted murder and imprisoned. As the reality of what she has done – and what has happened to her children hits home, she has to confront herself, seek forgiveness from her family and finally reunites with her son just before he dies.

Jane featured in the recent hit Netflix documentary series Wild, Wild Country. This TV Movie, based on Jane’s book Breaking the Spell, tells her full story living inside one the world’s most fascinating cults.  

An amazing story of self-delusion, followed by self-determination and redemption
— The Sunday Mail