A historical drama about one of New Zealand’s most famous sons, Rewi Alley, officially recognized by the Chinese government as “A Friend of China”, a rare honour bestowed by China on foreigners.

Rewi Alley was a prolific western writer about 20th century China and the Communist revolution. He lived in China for 60 years and dedicated his life to the cause of the Communist Party of China. He helped establish Chinese Industrial Cooperatives, and technical training schools, from which the slogan “gung ho” (work together) entered the English language, and became a trusted loyal friend of the Chinese regime.

This film will tell the story of an extraordinary life and an extraordinary time in China’s history through the eyes of one of the few Europeans involved in the Chinese Revolution.

For a young liberated Kiwi farming boy who embraced revolutionary politics Shanghai in the 1930s and 40s was a place of unimagined freedoms.