Six Feet Down Under will observationally follow two groups of Auckland funeral directors. State of Grace and The Natural Funeral Company. These all woman companies specialise in “natural” family focused funerals and aim to honour the dead and dying in a holistic and sustainable manner.

Reclaiming one of life’s most important rites of passage and offering a compassionate and highly personalised approach to death care, funeral arrangements and post death support these professionals are beyond inspiring. Never before has the final life experience been explored or celebrated with such depth and passion.

Live well, die well is our motto. The real stars of the show will be those who have, or are actually dying, and their families. At their most vulnerable, the comedy and tragedy of life will unfold with dignity, compassion and humour. These people’s stories will move and inspire us. And get us talking about death and how we can live better, braver, bigger lives once we confront our greatest fear.

This bold new TV series will bravely tackle our last taboo with dignity, humour and empathy.

Currently in development