An international documentary series about the energy revolution happening around the world.

Hosted by Lucy Lawless, The Switch follows people who have a desire to make a significant lifestyle change whether it be going country, off the radar or downsizing the mortgage and footprint at the same time. From city slicker burnouts to young ingenious idealists, we meet people who become more hands on as they learn to love their chickens, grow their own veges and kill their own meat. It might be a simpler life but possibly a harder road to plough as people try to overcome their dependence on convenience.

We see young people building designer homes or quirky pod houses from containers and recycled material. We follow families selling the Grey Lynn villa to move to the country. But this isn’t just about going back to the land, we also meet urbanites making the most of their slice of Auckland with ingenious use of small space for vege growing. We see family homes being sold as retirees live their dream in a designer mobile home instead. We meet communities doing it together and building an entire off-the-grid village. We follow people who are going back to basics and chasing a different dream... to live a simpler life, but is it?

Currently in development