A Feature Music Documentary about the rich collaboration between Tom Bailey, British 80s pop star of Thompson Twins fame, and internationally renowned sarod maestro, Vikash Maharaj, who together with his son Prabhash Maharaj, an acclaimed tabla player, and Kiwi artist, James Pinker (Dead Can Dance and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan), are the Holiwater Band.

They first performed on the banks of the Ganges River in 2001 to draw attention to the plight of the world’s water and have since performed around the world including at the Red Fort in Rajhastan, WOMAD NZ and Splore. Their unique sound is a mesmerising blend of classical Indian composition with contemporary lush, ambient grooves that transport the listener onto another plane.  This film is part performance doco, part spiritual quest and a captivating look at the transformation of one of Britain's 80s iconic music-makers, from pop star to spiritual dubster, who creates music that is truly universal and beyond normal genre-definitions.

This is World music that is both other-worldly and connected to the earth in a visceral way. The soundscape of the film will be underscored by immersive visuals of water, and artists at home in three very different corners of the world.

Tom Bailey lived in NZ for 10 years and still returns every year. Vikash Maharaj comes from a family with an impressive musical lineage dating back over 500 years.  East meets West and the result is transformative. 

Currently in development