Drama-Documentary 1 x 90 mins and /or TV Series

Developed with the assistance of NZFC and NZOA. 

Director : Dr. Annie Goldson, NZOM (Kim Dotcom: Caught in the Web, 2017 )

A ‘pop-cultural’ crime thriller investigating one of Britain’s top conspiracy theories, the possible state-sponsored murder in 1984 of a 78 year-old peace activist Hilda Murrell. Her nephew, ex-Royal Navy Commander and his NZ wife, also a well-respected leading peace activist, have campaigned for 30 years for the truth, and claim to be the subjects of ongoing surveillance. 

HILDA is a story about how life-events shape and change us; some are resolved but others define us in ways we never anticipated. As the film tracks the story of Rob and Kate from the 1980s to today, we’ll reveal an increasing level of suspicion and paranoia that will challenge audiences’ ideas about what’s possible behind the scenes of power.

The murder of Hilda Murrell went unsolved for twenty years until new DNA technology suggested a 16-year-old burglar had been responsible for the crime. However the couple claim his trial was a farce and remain convinced of a cover-up – an accusation supported by the defense attorney who showed the couple police evidence of additional DNA that indicates the boy was not the only person at the crime scene. The couple have come to believe Hilda’s death was the work of MI5 and that the man in currently prison – who insists he do not murder Hilda – was set-up.

Currently in development