Drama-Documentary 1 x 90 mins and /or TV Series

Developed with the assistance of NZFC and NZOA. 

Director : Dr. Annie Goldson, NZOM (Kim Dotcom: Caught in the Web, 2017 )

A political thriller about the mysterious murder of British anti-nuclear campaigner, Hilda Murrell, and the 30-year quest for justice by her New Zealand family who claim to be under surveillance.  

WHO KILLED HILDA? is a dramatic documentary-thriller about the mysterious 1984 murder of British anti-nuclear campaigner Hilda Murrell and the relentless quest for justice by her nephew, Rob Green, an ex-Royal Navy Commander now a NZ citizen, and his NZ wife, Dr Kate Dewes, a well-respected peace activist and academic. They believe that the man currently serving a life-sentence for Hilda’s murder is not the killer. Instead, they have compelling arguments, backed up with meticulous evidence, that she was the target of a political assassination by the nuclear industry or the British state, and claim themselves to be the subject of ongoing surveillance in Christchurch. New evidence has recently come to light with the release of Official Information documents, and confessions from ex M15 operatives, that indicate Rob and Kate’s conspiracy theory may indeed be true. They have high-profile support from flamboyant QC Michael Mansfield, and Leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, who has a promised a full inquiry if he is elected Prime Minister this year. The film re-examines both NZ’s and the UK’s history in the 1980s, and reveals the shadowy world of the “dark state” whose long arms appear to extend to NZ. In the style of “Capturing the Friedmans”, this twisty tale takes us on a gripping and emotional journey as we delve into political conspiracy, justice and power, navigating an intricate web of unexplained events. The official version of events doesn’t hold up but what really happened? And who do you believe?

Currently in development