A porky paddock to plate adventure around NZ with Guernsey Islander turned Kiwi Anna Mahy, NZ’s own Nigella Lawson. 

Anna, her husband John and their three kids emigrated to Banks Peninsula ten years ago. Anna is the perfect multi-tasking wife, mother and businesswoman. She runs her very successful Pig in a Day workshops teaching home cooks how to make their own charcuterie. 

On their quarter-acre section, she grows her own veges, has free-range chooks and home-schools her kids . To top it off, she feeds her husband and children deliciously nourishing meals every single day! 

With endless enthusiasm, energy and inspiration there are never enough hours in Anna’s day. She embodies all that it is and more to be a working mum in the 21st century. And she does it with love and a smile on her face ... and a great big twinkle in her eye.  

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